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Level X Talent

Talent Solutions for Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Robotics

Level X Talent is an Innovative, Advanced Technology Talent Consulting firm specializing in providing clients the right top-tier Talent in:
  • Analytics & Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence, including Machine Learning & all AI Technology subfields
  • Robotics & Automation
Our extensive experience using Advanced Technology gives us an understanding of the technologies, what is needed for value creation, and enables us to Recognize Great Talent.

We have a business perspective that enables us to provide the best Talent for our Clients, and to find the best opportunities for the Individuals (Talent) that work with us.

Top-tier Advanced Technology Talent with the right Skills in the ways that Work for You:
  • Full-time
  • Direct hire
  • Part-time
  • Fractional
  • As-needed Consulting
  • Teams (multi-skills)
  • and more

We have practical experience in Advanced Technology as Engineers, Scientists, and Executives

  • Our Team members have been working with Advanced Technology for as many as 30+ years
  • In Engineering, Development, Management, and Applications roles
  • For clients ranging from Enterprise (Fortune 500), Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMB), and Startups
  • Our extensive 'organic' network and connections with people active in Advanced Technology enables us to engage with highly skilled professionals
  • Up-to-date understanding and tracking of current, state-of-the-art applications and research

What others have said about us:

  • "I would recommend you to anyone, anytime" (President/Owner)
  • "The best at understanding both the technology and the business perspective" (Director Advanced Technology, Fortune 30 Global Corporation [top 30 of Fortune 500])

A Record of helping our Clients achieve Results in Revenue and Growth

  • Global Enterprise: We provided the primary team for an AI-based manufacturing planning system to support the annual production of millions of vehicles, resulting in billions ($) in sales
  • Teaming & Upskilling: Our team worked hand-in-hand with client team, developed software product used by over 200,000 businesses
  • Startup Boost: Working with a startup client (that had $1 million in seed funding) our team developed pilot Applications for client's prospective customers, resulting in $14.5 million in contracts for client

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