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Level X Talent

Talent Solutions for Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Robotics

Level X Talent is an Innovative, Advanced Technology Talent Consulting firm specializing in providing clients the right top-tier Talent in:
  • Analytics & Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence, including Machine Learning & all AI Technology subfields
  • Robotics & Automation

We enable clients to get projects done, and produce Results in Revenue and Growth

Our extensive experience using Advanced Technology gives us an understanding of the technologies, what is needed for value creation, and enables us to Recognize Great Talent.

We have a business perspective that enables us to provide the best Talent for our Clients, and to find the best opportunities for the Individuals (Talent) that work with us.

Top-tier Advanced Technology Talent with the right Skills, in the Arrangements that Work for You, such as:
  • Direct hire, new employee
  • Full-time Consultant
  • Fractional / Part-time Consultant
  • As-needed Consulting
  • Teams (multiple people, multi-skills)
  • Specialized Talent Solutions

We have practical experience in Advanced Technology as Engineers, Scientists, and Executives

  • Our Team members have been working with Advanced Technology for as many as 30+ years
  • In Engineering, Development, Management, and Applications roles
  • For clients ranging from Enterprise (Fortune 500), Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMB), and Startups
  • Our extensive 'organic' network and connections with people active in Advanced Technology enables us to engage with highly skilled professionals
  • Up-to-date understanding and tracking of current, state-of-the-art applications and research

What others have said about us:

  • "I would recommend you to anyone, anytime" (President/Owner)
  • "The best at understanding both the technology and the business perspective" (Director Advanced Technology, Fortune 30 Global Corporation [top 30 of Fortune 500])

A Record of helping our Clients achieve Results in Revenue and Growth

  • Global Enterprise: We provided the primary team for an AI-based manufacturing planning system to support the annual production of millions of vehicles, resulting in billions ($) in sales
  • Teaming & Upskilling: Our team worked hand-in-hand with client team, developed software product used by over 200,000 businesses
  • Startup Boost: Working with a startup client (that had $1 million in seed funding) our team developed pilot Applications for client's prospective customers, resulting in $14.5 million in contracts for client

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